The American Revolt

This is indeed a momentous time in the history of our country and even the world for that matter. There is a revolt from all sides of the political and religious spectrum against the status quo in business, government, politics, and religion.
The purpose of this blog is to establish a chronological news feed centered on news concerning the battle for balance between group rights and individual rights in America. I will post news from all sides of the arguments.
I will endeavor to summarize articles on a case by case basis where appropriate. I will do this by posting or, reposting the article where necessary, with the summary in the post.
It is hoped that this project will be useful to many as a source that has no political agenda. The only agenda here is to provide information on what is being said and proposed by all sides. I will not be responsible for the spin anyone else places on posts shared from this blog.
If you have news you think should be posted then please email the author and submit the link with a summary. I will endeavor to get it published in as timely a fashion as possible.
In Charity and Service,

Semper Fi,
Gunnery Sergeant of Marines Retired
DD Barton Sr.


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