A Plea To America’s Government and Citizens

Mr. President, Congress and the Courts. You need to revisit and consider and make sure you understand several concepts.

1. “With consent of the governed” means that we must give our consent to your shenanigans for them to have the full force of Law under the Constitution and the guiding self-government principles of the Unanimous Declaration. We are not bound by decrees, legislation and opinions, unless we consent of our own free will and agency. We can exercise that consent by voice or simple compliance.

2. Congress is our elected voice to give consent. Congress is our inside play nice voice. When that voice becomes corrupted with political faction agendas and seeks to force them upon the entire citizenry, well, then it is no longer the voice of the majority and the minority. It then becomes the voice of factions and agendas that have seized power through manipulations of legislative rules and the selection/election process.

3. Our voice has become corrupted by factions and the minority is no longer heard. The voices of the minority are drowned out by those factions in power. We are duty bound by our governing principles to withdraw our consent to be governed by such tyranny over the minority.

4. Granted, this situation has been going on since before the ink was dry on the Declaration, much less the Constitution. However, it is time for real change. A change in the way we view our responsibilities as citizens and as servants of the people. The role of public servants is to secure the right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and respect for those rights. It is not the role of government to secure individuals and make them happy. It is the role of the citizen to respect the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of all other citizens. It all comes down to respect for all and not just the majority in power at a particular time. It comes down to respect for all the citizens which will garner respect for the public servant.

5. The change can start with you or with us. It will be much smoother and less disruptive if it starts with you. We do not wish to have to use our outside angry voice, but we will. We will defend. We will not comply with oppressive insanity any longer, no matter which faction has seized power.

GySgt. D D Barton, Ret.

Governing Principles


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