#T2SDA Economic Strike: Help get the word out

Help get the word out of any stories concerning the general economic strike occurring this weekend led by the Trucker Community. I am here to serve. I cannot roll this weekend but I can write and publish to my extensive online network. Thank you.

To Submit tips and leads on stories or sign up to submit letters/stories to the editor for review and publication, click on this link: https://newsofrevolt.com/

(Note: I do not have a staff or a reporter network other than you. You are the reporter network,  so the more verifiable information you can submit then the faster stories will get published.)

I will be on call 24/7 until this event is over so use my availability to your advantage.

Publisher and Editor
The American Revolt
Daniel David Barton, Sr.
Gunnery Sergeant of Marines, Ret.


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