#T2SDA Coordinating Instructions: Issued From Kansas Drivers

The following General Coordinating Instructions were posted on the Kansas Trucker’s facebook page around 4pm CST on 9 Oct. 2013. Seems there has been some significant behind the scenes organizing accomplished between many groups.

Publisher and Editor
The American Revolt
Daniel David Barton, Sr.
Gunnery Sergeant of Marines, Ret


Post on all pages:
Safety Briefing: ALL participants, be safe. Do not get confrontational. Do not allow others to antagonize you. The ones that may attempt to lead you into an altercation may have small children with them and they are still someone’s son or daughter.
The rigs are big enough to hurt or kill someone, please exercise caution and restraint. No fighting.
DRIVERS to DC: fuel up, double check your rigs. Safety is the most important thing, we cannot lose anyone, or be responsible for hurting anyone. Get plenty of rest, do not drink and drive. Ensure you have registered by sending an email to DRIVERS@RIDEFORTHECONSTITUTION.ORG. The video below has additional information for you.
DRIVERS SHUTTING DOWN: Park in well lit areas and try to stay together. Modern American Revolution will post rest areas with BBQs going for you. Watch each other’s backs. Nobody get drunk and stupid, please.
BIKERS: Proper gear, don’t drink and drive, ride safe and stay visible. You made it through two of these now, safely. Let’s go Thank you for being a part of this.
OVERPASSES: Be extra careful, there have already been people trying to confront you. Take the lead from your state leaders and watch for protagonists. Your banners will mean the world to the Drivers and your support is more appreciated this weekend than it ever has before.
MODERN AMERICAN REVOLUTION: You will be where the rubber meets the road for the drivers of the DC Truckers and the ones shutting down. You’ll have more contact with the public. Stay calm, stay cool, follow your state leaders. Be extra careful with the BBQs, flames and any alcohol that may find its way there. Also be wary of protagonists.
SUPPORTERS: Tag your cars with #T2SDA to show your support. Be careful on the roads, drink and drive. Can’t wait to see your pics on Monday.
Thank you everyone, from the Drivers RIDING FOR THE CONSTITUTION!!!
General coordinating instruction issued around 4pm CST 9 Oct. 2013 on Kansas Trucker's Face Book Page.

General coordinating instruction issued around 4pm CST 9 Oct. 2013 on Kansas Trucker’s Face Book Page.

Bottom Portion of Post from Kansas Truckers on Coordination Instructions.

Bottom Portion of Post from Kansas Truckers on Coordination Instructions.


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