Activist Jailed: Bond Denied

(Editor’s Note) I strike through words or phrases from quoted sources that I believe do not accurately characterize an individual or action.


1. “A judge at the DC Superior Court has ordered gun rights activist Adam Kokesh to be held without bond until his next court appearance, calling him “a very dangerous man.”

2.  Kokesh hoped that hundreds of thousands of Americans would march  from Virginia into DC, carrying firearms in defiance of the  city’s ban on loaded guns. The march was cancelled, but Kokesh  still appeared in DC with his shotgun, posting a video with a  synopsis that reads, “Can you count the felonies committed in  this video? No, you can’t possibly count them all.”


Editorial Opinion: I believe Kokesh would be more accurately described as a Citizen’s Rights activist. According to his short biography on Wikipedia he has been involved in many actions from Anti-War protests to Pro Second Amendment Rights protests. According to his biography he has not advocated violence against anyone including government agents or officials. I do not understand why he is classified as dangerous. He is using civil disobedience to demonstrate against Laws in place but has not advocated doing harm to anyone. I do not understand the basis of the Judges statement that Kokesh is a dangerous man.


A statement posted on Kokesh’s website read, “We will continue to spread the message of liberty, self ownership, and the non-aggression principle regardless of the government’s relentless attacks on our operation.”[


Editorial Opinion: I found nothing in this biography to suggest that Kokesh is a danger to himself, any individuals or groups. I fail to understand the justification for holding him without bond. The offense(s) he is accused of has(have) no victim except for the sovereignty of government power.

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